Jan 9, 2009

Lancome Ocillation Review;

So yeahhh i was lazy soo i jus recorded myself && cut off while i was doing it but you get the point... any questions leave them in the cmmnt section && i`ll get back to u guys..


J.E.W.E.L.S said...

That eye lash curler is the bomb!!!
I <3 it=)

Anonymous said...

aww kay you sound like a white grl! lmao sike btch you you know i <3 you. & your hair. :) you know i know nothin about makeup so i'm keepin away frm that topin LOL. ttyl<3 !

Tony Toni Toné said...

heyy love
your blog
im following it!
make sure you follow mines.


Anonymous said...

I need you to do a makeup tips and tricks for me!!!!:)

Kay, your so pretty!!! If I was straight, I would smash!!!!! LOL!!!!

Loves ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

lmao i said topin i meant topic you know what i meant lol. besos!

glam girl$. said...

so yeah i dont thnk i would get that mascara. not for all that money esp if its not worth it.

& i lovelovelove ur hair!!!!!!1
too cutesy. ;]
ooh! & FYI; if im not mistaken,
i thnk we have the same shirt.
only mine is grey, purple, greenish. ;]

ur comin to jaes party tnite rite?
xoxo -*tati.

Jervis said...

pretty woman

Princess.Maria said...

love the video. Happy New Year !!!!



Rai said...

Your voice is so cute. lol
I always use the same brand of mascara though, Maybelline. :]

stephyy said...

wow..thnks for the heads up lol i dnt think i want to buy it

Kofi Bofah said...

I don't know anything about make-up.

Just floating through blog world to see what's good.

In A NY State Of Mind said...

but...how does the packaging look!? lmfao

Anonymous said...

Great Review!!

i love Shu Curler!!!

Yves said...

=] You're cute.

Rebel Mel said...

Awe! I like that you put a video of yourself up! I think I want to make a video blog here and there. It might be fun. I sort of have stage fright, so any video blogs I make might never reach the public!

Good job with yours, though, and keep them coming!

LaLa said...

awe your so cute! :)

great review and thank you for the tips mama!


I am Jwork said...

You seem really scared....funny I will need you to send me some pictures and a short story about your self and let's make this happen

Yas said...

I'm so glad you did such an honest review on this product. Clumps? No thank you! I am always looking for mascaras that do not clump or flake (hate flakes cuz I wear contacts) so if you ever try one that you love please let me know sweety. Thanks again!

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