Jan 8, 2009

Purple Lipstiick LOVES Stephen Sprouse;

Just in case you haven't already . . . check out Stephen Sprouse's website ;) . It's so cool :D


I want that beanie ;] && don`t those leggings remind you of ;

MOB leggings? Yep sure do ;]

Also if you're more interested of Sprouse check out his work;
"January 09, 2009 — February 28, 2009
18 Wooster Street, New York

Rock on Mars, a retrospective exhibition of the work of Stephen Sprouse, will transform Deitch Projects’s 18 Wooster Street gallery into a realization of Sprouse’s rock and roll futuristic vision. 
" VIA deitch.com

&& while you're in that area don`t forget to go to the Louis Vuitton store in Greene street to check this out :


Anonymous said...

funny that you mention both in the post. LV has bags that look like the leggings.

..iYUANA.. said...

I love MOB shit.. I dont think i'd ever wear it though. Maybe the leggings. My guy friend that works at this store here in Cleveland called NEXT asked me "what u tryin to do, make somebody crash. you got too much ass for those MOB leggins" hmm maybe i should try lol

Rai said...

Yeah, I immediately though of Louis Vuitton when I saw those leggings. lol

LaVish said...

the new LV is nice...and I met the MOB designer at The Hundreds Block Party 08....dope experience.

Anonymous said...

great find!! those beanie are cute!!

i just checked out the web site!! nicely done!!

Anonymous said...

lmao yess a joke. listen to the video again. the new reporter says somethin about dickin around lmao

Melody.Darlene said...

yup! i love the line hands down! buuuuuut they did low key swagger jock MOB!

Miss. Lala said...

Wow...i knew the whole joint reminded me of somthin. Geez...i forgot all about those leggings. I never got to cop a pair. =[

April Aphrodite said...

oh wat a piece of work MOB leggings rock my world lol

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