Jan 27, 2009


To forgive you have to forget right?? But what if the person did the shit more than once.... then what??

Do you forget && keep shit moving?? I guess it depends what the person did .... blah ... I have some shit to think about... 

-any-who , i got my crooks & castles beanie the other day :D . keep my head warm & what not :D 

i don't have much to say but just know that i`m confused as fuck . . . . GOD why are relationships so fckin hard?! 

In other news. . .  I want the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse speedy BADDDD . . . i`m trying to figure out a way to get it . . people think i`m crazy because i want a thou$and dollar bag.... umm yeahhh its Louis Vuitton :D

Who's down to rob a bank with me? Let me stop... Okay well i`m done rambling about shit. 

Hope everyone has a great day!


Rai said...

Depends I guess.
I know if someone does something I don't like or that bothers me, I let them know.

If they do it again... oh I'll be mad! Definitely what be forgiven by me.

LOL. I'll help you out.
As long as I can get that Louis Vuitton Damier bag.

kmx. said...

Pics are too cute! But on to the problem, uh yeah it depends and if they did it a 2nd time then they're not considerate of your feelings or whtever so I think you should just keep it movin. But depending on what they diiiiid it depends on how to handle it. I usually cut people off after the first offence frm being fckd over by people in the past but your a lot sweeter than I am, unless you gonna Diva Kay on them hoesss!! Nah but just do what you feel is best for you.

And hell yeah I'm down. I don't have anything to lose!! :)

Stay up hun.

Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...

I want that bag too, gosh!!

Anonymous said...

i am sooo down to rob a bank w/u or should we just go straight to LV and steal the bag!!! hehehehe

anywhoo....it all depends what they did. this is what i say...you can always forgive, but don't forget. that way you can always have ur guard up.

Anonymous said...

stop taking cute picturess. thx.

A.R. said...

cute pics and you can forgive but you never forget.

mizzworthy said...

Hope you work things out - I guess it depends what the thing the person did was. Everyone has a line and once it's crossed I don't personally think it can be made better really... But that's me speaking as a divorced person who know's there is life and love after a bad relationship! xx

vietxpinay. said...

ahah yeah girl, BOBA is bubble tea ;] &i'll post a pix up tonigh in my next post.

buh anyway, about this situation you're goin thru..i dont know WHAT happened or how serious it is, but honestly, if it happens once, theres a GOOD ASS possibility that it will happen again, regardless of what it is. if its serious and if it hurts you emotionally or physically, even mentally, then it AINT WORTH WAITIN AROUND...move on girlfriend. if this person doesnt care about you enough to learn a lesson and not repeat, then tell 'em to get the steppin cuz there are other WEAK people out there who are actually willing to put up with that kinda bullshit.

i aint tryna put you down AT ALL..i'm tryna be blunt as possible without knowin what the hell you're talkn about =P so bare with me! good luck.

Mal Mack said...

nice beanie

stephyy said...

lmao giirrl trust me relationships aree complicated!!

but dnt worry you'll find one worth it :)

lipstick cherry said...

i've always been the type to forgive people. but i learned my lesson this time. sometimes people dont change.

Yas said...

No you're not crazy...I LOVE that bag too. Its ok babe...sometimes there isn't a right or wrong answer, but its just what feels right to you and for what you are, where you're going and what you love and then the answers just seem clearer. I know that it doesn't mean that things don't hurt or stress you in the meantime so stay strong & I'm sending love. ;)

Yves said...

How much did that Crooks run you?

Cay said...

Ur Hair is TUFF!!


glam girl$. said...

we already spoke about that if
im not mistaken right?
ull kno what to do ;]
& im sooo feelin u on the speedy.
ugh! ;[

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